Cytech technical training delivered by Torq Zone Academy exclusively in South Africa


Entry Requirements

We have no strict academic entry requirements, but learners should be older than 16 years (no maximum age), have a good command of English, ability to measure in millimetres, a basic mechanic aptitude, and a willingness to learn.

Course Schedule

We run a set of these programmes every month for six learners at a time. The learner can choose to complete them consecutively in one calendar month, or staggered over a period of their determination. Classes run from 08h00 to 16h00 on weekdays at our site in Lynwood Manor, Pretoria.


Junior Technician Programme

Learning on this programme forms the foundation and core of bicycle maintenance and repair. Learning areas cover knowledge and skills related to workshop practices and legislation, frame preparation, groupset servicing and repair, and basic wheel building. We regard this programme as the bare minimum for aspiring technicians.

Senior Technician Programme

Learning on this programme focusses on the knowledge and skills related to bicycle specialist componentry maintenance. Learning areas covered include hydraulic brake servicing and repair, suspension servicing and repair, advanced wheel building, and electronic groupsets setup.


Cytech Home Mechanic Courses

The following Cytech courses are offered for the cycling enthusiast who is keen to know and understand their bicycles a little better. There are varying degrees of difficulty between them and each course is stand-alone so you do not need to complete them successively.

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